Bullshit Business Ethics: Don’t Run Your Company By Others’ Demands

By April 18, 2020Grow Business

business ethics and corporate social responsibilityWhen the 2020 COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic hit, millions of companies were deemed not “essential” and forced to close their doors indefinitely. Unfortunately, once the government eased up, many business owners had been brow-beaten by the media and social justice warriors (SJWs) in social media. These owners delayed re-opening or stayed shut permanently because of others’ fake business ethics.

The entrepreneurial spark had been snuffed out by the fatal mistake of letting others’ bogus moral standards determine whether or not one should be open for business. And on what terms.

Warning Signs Of Bullshit Business Ethics

How can you know if your sound judgment as a business owner is being corrupted by third parties who should have no input whatsoever in how you run your company?

There are often warning signs your business ethics have been attacked or compromised by third parties. What they have in common is that you become the villain in the narrative if you don’t go along with their demands.

Parade of Imaginary Horribles

For example, a popular method is to demand you act in response to a parade of imaginary horribles. In the coronavirus pandemic, it became quickly clear that the mortality rate was not going to be as high as the models projected. However, many of the soccer mom “Karens” within the SJW brigade denounced any discussion of reopening.

All rational arguments were met with unfounded claims that the Karens’ children or grandmothers would die, bodies would be stacked like firewood, etc. (doing business = murder). What wasn’t premised in cynical anti-capitalism came from raw emotion unsupported by any facts.

Altruism That Benefits Others At Your Expense

Another tactic is to demand you run your company based on others’ self-proclaimed altruistic “corporate social responsibility” standards “for the greater good,” “for the children,” “for the environment,” “to pay employees a living wage,” etc.

Again, these are attempts by third parties to manipulate you to advance their agenda at your expense…with the implicit or overt threat that you will be denounced as evil, greedy, a hater (of kids, employees, the environment), and the like if you don’t wave the white flag.

How To Respond

Do not cave. Do not capitulate. Just say no. No. Hell no!

And ignore astroturfed outrage designed to blackmail you into operating your company in a way that is not consistent with your core values. If you say anything at all, borrow their feigned outrage and reply “How dare you?!” End of discussion.

If you want to work on behalf of someone else’s best interests, morals, and agenda, shut your doors and get a job as an employee. But to be consistent with your own values and business ethics, the better course of action is to be selfish. Run your company the way you see fit without surrendering to the mob.

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