Is Your To-Do List Fermenting Like A Dead Badger?

By July 22, 2020Time Management

to-do list prioritiesHave you been procrastinating on getting stuff done on your task list? Are there items that have mummified because they’ve been there so long without any action taken? In other words, are your to-do list priorities a mess?

For productivity and peace of mind, it’s time to get rid of this deadwood hanging over your head.

Now here’s what to do to fix your to-do list priorities in four easy steps…

1. Naturally, scan your task list for any obsolete items. If it’s moot, scratch it off.

2. Are there any tasks on your list that aren’t essential to your business or personal goals? Get rid of these. Don’t confuse nice-to-have with a must-do. It’s okay to say no to some work.

3. What if an item is essential but you don’t want to do it? Dump it on someone else. Delegate the task to either an employee or an independent contractor.

4. Then prioritize what remains. These actions are vital and you want to do them. Then start chipping away at these remaining tasks for an hour or two each morning when you get up.

And repeat these pruning steps once or twice a month to ensure your to-do list priorities reflect the business goals you want to accomplish. For my business law firm and other companies I co-own, I typically do this on a Sunday night. Trimming tasks by this method frees up time for you to grow your business and spend time with family and friends.

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